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From: John Locker (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2007 - 03:32:41 EST

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    On the evening of Jan 22 2007 Lacrosse 5 made a 69 deg sunlit pass over the
    I have now placed a two frame animation on the  Lacrosse page at
    (Its tagged "new" about half way down.)
    The images have been processed , by enlarging the original and also
    adjusting the gamma to exagerate slighty the captured colours
    The camera was a standard TouCam webcam fitted with 1.5X magnification lens
    at prime focus in an 8 inch LX90 scope....hand guided.
    This gives a theoretical optical magnification of about 500X
    It should be noted that at this sort of magnification digital artifacts come
    into play
    Results are open to interpretation , however we appear to see the main BUS
    of the spacecraft (copper) and possibly a large ( gold) mesh dish array.
    Range to spacecraft was approx 760 km.
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