my tracking mount part arrived, so back in business, and less need to use wide feild of view

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2007 - 09:21:38 EST

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    The doorbell rang, and I went thinking it might be a relative coming for a visit, nope.
    It was the delivery person, with something from celestron, ie My new controller board:)
    I just installed it, plug in the power, and flicked the switch. And as expected, no error message
    came up. So my thoughts were correct, the control board was toost.
    So I am back in business, yup eh!
    The wide feild lens was good for nights, when I was at work, thus couldn't move my old scope, to
    keep a inclined geo sat in the feild of view. The wide feild of view removed that problem, of
    keeping a inclined orbit retired geo object in the feild of view. Naturally the object would have
    to flash brightly for me to spot it, since wide feild = I can't see as faint.
    Ah I feel alot better now. Now to wait for a clear night, when ever that will be. 
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