Re: Flashing Unknown in Perseus

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2007 - 17:57:44 EST

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    --- Brad Young <> wrote:
    > Last night while trying to observe a LEO, I noticed a flashing satellite in
    > Perseus' hat, flashing every 5 sec (Aa) to +6, +7 mag declining until last
    > few flashes were 10s apart (secondary flash too dim I suppose), until gone
    > (in 12 x 60 binoculars). Position was nearly constant at 2h 58m +52.5,
    > drifting somewhat S during the period 0:55:53 until 0:57:12. Molniya 3-52
    > (26970,01050A) was nearby but doesn't seem to match. Any ideas?
    Interesting! A unid I discovered called 90041, had a 5 second flash period. 
    > No luck with PAS 1-R, did you see it flare last night, Kevin?
    I could easily see it on the tv screen, at 3:09 UTC, as it passed above Mag 5 star. I would PAS 1R
    was around mag 6.
    I find that it flares up, after it passes the area, that is 12 Hours difference in R.A to the sun,
    using my location.
    It's close to the 12 hours difference in R.A, if I use a geocentric location. 
    Tonight I would estimate to look around 3:16 UTC for it, give are take. It flares up only for a
    few minutes. So starting looking for it at 3:10 UTC, keep an eye out for it. Hopefully you see it.
    Looks like I be under clouds tonight.
    The fanical sat observer, and proud of it:)
    Why fanical, that's what someone said at I astronomy club meeting. He said I am not just fanical
    as you, when it comes to sat observing. Some really like looking at deep sky objects, I really
    like looking at satellites, as people couldn't tell by my messages. I am weird I know, and I don't
    really care.
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