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From: John Locker (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2007 - 04:12:44 EST

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    Yesterday I realised that I still had video from last August of   L5
    Imaged at 2220gmt on Aug 7 2006 the stills show a "shape" quite similar to 
    those of January 22. However the flight mode is different.
    We know that L5 disappeared early on Jan 22 as reported by Phil and 
    On August 7th my notes indicate that I didnt notice any fade and I would be 
    interested to know if anyone else in Europe saw this pass.....if so
    did it fade early ?
    If it didnt , it might be that the flight mode dictates if it will 
    disappear...and if so could it be that if it uses a large gold mesh antenna 
    , it's this antenna that creates
    the sudden shadow
    Details are
    August 7 Transit   :   22h20m06s   3.3m  az:  4.1d  N  h:57.4d
    dist:843.7km  alt:725.1km (Calsky)
    I have placed a two frame animation of Aug 7 pass at
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