FengYun 1C debris

From: Edward S Light (edlight@juno.com)
Date: Sat Jan 27 2007 - 18:25:55 EST

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    For you collision fragment analysts out there, SpaceTrack has
    today released TLEs for almost 300 FengYun 1C debris objects,
    having catalog numbers 29716-30003 / 99-025E - 99-025MC (with
    only one non-collision-debris object in that range: 30000 /
    68-081J, a piece of the ERS 21 launch).
    Without disclosing any specific details, these 99-025XX objects
    have inclinations from 97 - 102 degrees, eccentricities .0006-
    .1565, anomalistic periods 92-131 minutes, perigees 180-880km,
    and apogees 640-3540 km ... quite a swarm of objects!
    It looks like some of these vermin will be up there for quite a
    Clear and dark skies!
       Ed Light
    Lakewood, NJ, USA
    Site 8840, N 40.1075, W 074.2312, +24 m (80 ft)
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