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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2007 - 20:30:58 EST

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    Ralph McConahy wrote:
    > Looks like they are in the process of adding a bunch of them. 
    > I asked it to search through 30200 a number of times and each 
    > time I clicked the Submit button, the top number increased. 
    > It's now up to 30133 (1999-25 SN) and counting.
    That makes 421 pieces from the 1999-025 launch, already the fourth greatest
    number of pieces from a single launch, and as you say, counting. 
    Here are the three leaders, as of Ralph's post (from my slightly out of date
    spreadsheet version of Jonathan McDowell's satellite catalogue):
     SSN    Int Desig   Piece
    27721  1965-082UT    474
    27596  1986-019VN    493
    29036  1994-029AET   714
    > Very interesting that they assigned #30000 to an object 
    > launched in 1968, with all the Feng Yun 1C Deb catalogued one 
    > both sides of 30000. :)
    Ted Molczan
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