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Date: Sun Jan 28 2007 - 06:06:11 EST

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    Re collision hazard:
    Note that ISS has westward precession and Fengyun eastward;
    Fengyun's perigee precesses ;
    and the debris' high apogees decay into lower altitudes.
    These work together to bring more object into ISS' orbit.
    The worst week in 99 days, with as much as 99 km altitude tolerance,
    and 300 km range, seems to be March 8-14 with 51 "close" encounters.
    (within 10 km altitude 0228-0306 is worse with five encounters?)
    This was done before I knew of the "300" new fragments.
    With these, I only get eight more in range, and the worst week moves back to 
    March 9-15.
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