Re: catalogue# 30000

From: George Olshevsky (
Date: Sun Jan 28 2007 - 21:05:34 EST

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    On 1/27/07, Leo Barhorst <> wrote:
    > Looked like US wanted # 30000 themselves as they now have added Feng Yun 1C
    > debris up to #30093 / 1999-25 QW
    Shucks. My old prediction for #30000 by the end of 2006 missed by less
    than a month. It did take a giant breakup to get there that soon,
    however, as I thought it might. 1999-025 certainly has the potential
    to become the biggest breakup ever. News reports suggest as many as 2
    million fragments may have resulted, most too small to be catalogued,
    of course. I don't think any launch has reached letter combination WS
    quite as rapidly.
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