ADMIN: Please Communicate Observations Clearly

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2007 - 10:55:24 EST

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    Just a reminder that one of the main purposes of this list is to share
    observational information, which to be useful, requires supporting data - at
    minimum the date and UTC time and coordinates of the observing site. 
    I understand that some reports are intended to be mainly aesthetic, and so may
    not require as much detail as others, but the more you can provide the better.
    The following message by Brian Hunter is an excellent example of how
    observational details can lead to important discoveries (read the entire
    Additional sightings occurred, like this one by Tristan Cools:
    And this one by Craig Cholar, in which he noticed a pattern with an earlier
    observation he had made:
    Another by Paul Maley:
    Eventually, someone suggested that the obs be consolidated to support analysis,
    and Ron Lee posted this summary:
    As did Leo Barhorst:
    Soon, Paul Maley found important evidence about the design of the spacecraft,
    which inspired Rob Matson to write a program:
    Since then, the prediction of Iridium flares has been routine, but it all began
    with a few detailed observation reports on SeeSat-L.
    Ted Molczan
    Communicate Observations Clearly
    Please state the date and time of your observations, preferably as UTC
    (co-ordinated universal time). If you use local time, please state whether or
    not it is standard or daylight-saving time, and state the number of hours ahead
    or behind UTC.
    If your observation includes positional information, whether descriptive or
    numeric, please include the latitude and longitude of your observing site, or at
    least the geographical name of the place.
    This data is especially important if you are requesting assistance to identify
    an unknown satellite. 
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