# 21114 AUX MOT decayed

From: Harro.Zimmer@t-online.de
Date: Wed Jan 31 2007 - 08:02:00 EST

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     Report time January 31, 12:00 GMT
    1991-010D  # 21114  Proton AUXILIARY MOTOR
    SPACE TRACK issued a FINAL NESSAGE at January 30, 23:49 GMT
    with decay on: 
    January 30, 23:20 GMT +/- 04 hours descending over 
    45.4N, 249.8E (Montana, USA). The decayer followed
    a  mostly daylight trajectory over the United States and
    leaving the continent on the coast of North Carolina. 
    MPM + Reentry (v 2.0) delivers with the ELSETs 07029.906 -
    07030.709... (SFX 084, ap 017) the decay on:
    January 31, 00:14 GMT +/- 20 minutes northbound over
    the South Indian Ocean  (27.97S, 100.62E.)
    Remarks: The ELSETs from the last two days looked a
    little bit inconsistent. For this reason I was also 
    eliminating the final ELSET 07030.716...
    I have some doubts about SPACE TRACKs decay trajectory.
    There are some tracking facilities around this path, so
    I would expect a much smaller error window. 
    May be SPACE TRACK and I are wrong and # 21114 
    was decayed earlier.
    Harro Zimmer
    Berlin, Germany
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