Telstar 401 (93-77A, 22927)

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Mon Jan 14 2013 - 08:45:13 UTC

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    Bright one-power (naked-eye) flashes around 2:00 UTC when it
    was around RA 2:01, Dec -6.3.  The flash period was about 75
    seconds.  I was watching ADEOS 2 without binoculars when I
    saw it flash.  Mike got it in the scope and identified it
    later.  For anyone who may be new, this one's discovery is
    amusing -- seen in Orion by accident by a couple star-gazing
    from a hot-tub in Houston, Texas:
    First report (c/o Ron Lee) --
    Identified --
    It's "captured" over the western hemisphere.
    My vague recollection is that it flashes several minutes
    earlier from night to night.  I don't know when it started
    flashing, but it was getting pretty faint within about 20
    minutes, if memory serves (too tired to get the times from
    the stopwatch now).  
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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