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Date: Wed Jan 16 2013 - 21:14:39 UTC

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    Hi Russell,
    A short notice before any precise treatment of my observations :
    at 19h12m-19h13m UT , I observed tonight visually and photographically both 2013-01 C and D near Gamma Pegasi, in good agreement with Calsky ephemeris - maybe as accurately as at one or two seconds. The 2013-01 ABCD satellites don't appear in Calsky database, but they showed up using the fonction "satellites within interval".
    I didn't catch objects A and B. 
    2013-01 D is nicely flashing on my photographs on a 0.43 sec period. Visually, using binoculars, object C appeared the first, constant at mag 5.5 and object D followed it at mag 6.5. I wasn't able to detect the flashing pattern visually in a poor sky not far from the Moon.
    Alain Figer
    2.128° E ; 48.673° N ; 170m a.s.l.
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     The unknown at 181343.40 on January 15 has been identified as the first 
    of 2013. Probably 13-01D, but all four objects would be very close.
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