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From: Young, Brad (
Date: Thu Jan 17 2013 - 14:28:40 UTC

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    Only object last night. Main 20x80's focuser bridge is broken, delayed setup. Pretty sure I saw objects A,B,C in them but could only use as monocular, so I will revisit. Seemed to be mag 8 or dimmer. Pulled out 12x60's for the r/b, which was variable but could barely tell because of speed of period, as described by Alain.
    FPAS12,39060,R8336A,20130117,010100,1s,-,36.1,-95.9,201,FUBG,-,k,0.2s,6,7,G1CkNNN,N,-,-,-,-,-,-,Very short flashes nearly imperceptible;
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