RE: Misperception of Satellite Re-Entries - Seeing is Not Necessarily Believing.

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Mon Jan 13 2014 - 00:21:37 UTC

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    Ron Lansing wrote:
    > In my opinion, anyone should avoid referencing the Condon Report.
    > Through documentation released under the FOI, it was determined the report was nothing more
    > than an attempt by the CIA to cover up reported UFO activity. Very similar the AF Project Blue Book.
    > Perhaps with the same cast of characters or directors.
    > Even researchers left the project once they realized no real research was being done.
    The Scientific Study Of Unidentified Flying Objects (aka Condon report), published in 1968, covers many topics, written
    by different authors. Jim Oberg and I were particularly interested in Dr. William Hartmann's observations and findings
    related to the UFO reports that resulted from the re-entry of debris from the launch of Zond IV. Some witnesses
    perceived more or less the true phenomenon, others perceived craft with lights.
    An important test of the validity of the findings of scientific research is their repeatability. Were Dr. Hartmann's
    findings unique to the case he studied, or are they generally applicable?
    Jim has compiled a long list of additional re-entry cases that yielded the wide range of perceptions that Hartmann
    found. He concentrated on cases with witness drawings of both categories of perception. We have both found that knowing
    the ways in which people misperceive re-entries is helpful in identifying previously unknown cases. I found more than 40
    previously unidentified re-entries in government and private UFO reports and publications - a powerful demonstration of
    the value of Hartmann's findings.
    Clearly, this knowledge is also important to those who investigate UFO sightings hoping to determine their causes.
    Had Jim and I followed your advice, we might never have learned of Hartmann's findings, to the detriment of our
    Ted Molczan
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