Pierre Neirinck, 1926-2016

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Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2016 16:32:56 +0100
Dear all,

Several of you already know, but for those who do not yet: the very sad news 
just reached us of the passing of Pierre Neirinck, nestor of our group, at the 
age of 89.

Here is the e-mail:

"De la part d'Annie et de Paul son voisin,

Je me permets d'utiliser le carnet d'adresses et la messagerie de Pierre pour 
vous faire part de son voyage vers son astéroïde.
Il nous a quittés hier matin et nous voit de là haut maintenant.
Son inhumation aura lieu jeudi à 13h30 avec une cérémonie dans la salle du 
cimetière  de Dunkerque suivie de l'inhumation dans le caveau de famille à Malo"

Pierre was an important member of King-Hele's professional satellite tracking 
group in the UK. Behind the scenes, after that group was abandoned, he remained 
an important animator of amateur tracking community and actively tracked 
classified satellites himself untill only a few years ago.

He distributed Cospar site codes to new observers and untill recently issued 
semi-daily e-mails to the active observers with data analysis (usually of the 
Keyhole satellites), as well as brief comments on world affairs.The latter often 
included a tally of who violently left this planet in the previous days. His 
e-mails were very idiosyncratic in that sense, and I will miss them.

More recently his declining health started to prevent him from observing and 
analysis, but he still occasionally e-mailed photo collages: Pierre was an 
enthusiastic photographer himself.

The dead of Pierre makes the start of this new year extremely sad.

Rest in Peace, Pierre. Have a safe journey to asteroid (142014) Neirinck.

- Marco

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