Re: SGLS 09 Activity near 2243.1MHz

From: Scott Tilley via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sat, 09 Jan 2016 10:40:19 -0800
Hi Michael

Normally radio related reports unrelated to visual observation efforts 
are off topic on this list.

Your report does not seem to be consistent with normally observed 
activity on SGLS 9.  However, without knowing the frequency accuracy of 
your monitoring equipment you may be seeing a PRN ranging signal from an 
HEO SDS mission.  However, you should see a very distinct carrier in the 
middle of the two wide band signals. The PRN data is about +/- 1Mhz from 
the center carrier.

Typically when monitoring 2242.5MHz over a given day and depending on 
your location one will copy two operational HEO SDS satellites and a 
couple of other non-operational but still transmitting spacecraft in 
HEO.  Also, various GEO SDS satellites can be heard depending on your 

If you wish to discuss more feel free to reach out off list.


On 1/9/2016 7:25 AM, Michael Sabino via Seesat-l wrote:
> Has anyone here noted any activity on SGLS 09, my receiver is showing
> some interesting activity on SGLS 09 from a HEO:
> That image is of the higher frequency component of two 2242.6
> MHz-centered signals, the lower frequency component remaining the same
> as the higher frequency on the earlier time. There is also a slight
> wobble to the signals
> Bandwidth (later mode): ~6.3 kHz
> Bandwidth (earlier mode): ~2.4 kHz
> Some points of inflexion of the doppler (approx):
> 12:41:49 UTC 01/09/2015
> 12:44:52 UTC 01/09/2015
> 13:24:25 UTC 01/09/2015
> Location of observation: 42N, 87W
> Intermediate frequency is about 343.1 MHz+LO of 1900 MHz.
> Thanks,
> Michael Sabino
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