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From: Greg Roberts via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016 16:19:34 +0200
Good afternoon

For those of you who use  and run windows 
software ( urggggghhhh!) you can now run the program on your pc/laptop 
without having to use the Internet.   Giovanni Benintende has ported the 
software to windows and it may be downloaded - for free!  - at     It will solve FITS as well as JPG images - 
all you have to provide is the focal length of the telescope/camera used 
and the pixel size (in microns) of the CCD/DSLR camera used.   There is 
an Assistant Option which will help you there.    You also need to 
download some "Index Files"    but this is all made clear in the 
program.     It usually solves an image in a few seconds - mine is 
typically around 10 seconds - and provides the RA/Dec of field centre, 
    the focal length of the detector as well as other data such as field 
of view.     Once the image is solved you can call up the contained 
Image Browser and this will display the equatorial grid and by moving 
the mouse you get the RA/Dec of the mouse pointer which you can capture. 
      This is a nice easy way to measure FITS or JPG images.  The 
program is still under development and Giovanni is very open to 
suggestions to improve it for satellite tracking.

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