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From: Jonathan McDowell via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2016 02:19:58 -0500
  as one of the culprits quoted in the Nature article I would like to
emphasize that
very key word: TENTATIVE.
  In particular, one obscure reference (a figure caption in the appendix to
the mission
PI's self-published book) claims that the TLI stage was expected to reenter
on the first orbit.
But given that according to the same book there were a lot of
miscommunications between the
launch vehicle and mission folks about trajectory related things, I find
this a worry but not
a disproof. And it's pretty hard to find another reasonable candidate.

 - Jonathan

On 17 January 2016 at 01:54, Ted Molczan via Seesat-l <>

> Derek, thank you for posting the link to the recent article in Nature on
> the tentative identification of WT1190F:
> I have revised my table of satellite re-entry sightings to reflect the
> emerging consensus that it was the TLI
> (translunar insertion stage) of Lunar Prospector, as reported in Nature.
> Since it is not yet proven, I refer to this as
> the suspected identity.
> Based on information in the mission handbook (URL below), I estimate that
> the empty mass of the object was about 200 kg,
> which consisted mostly of its Star 37FM solid rocket motor, and payload
> adaptor.
> Ted Molczan
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