ADEOS 2 (27597) and other

From: José Luis Ruiz via Seesat-l <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 09:43:05 +0100
More or less thick cirrus cover much of the sky with occasional small
clearing. So it is difficult to accurately estimate the brightness.
However, highlighting
the uneven brightness of Adeos 2, but always with magnitude greater
than +2 until
it loses about Jupiter. Shortly before missing a flare of magnitude -1 (+/-
0.4) is observed, but during its journey from the Big Dipper makes several
flares reaching maximum magnitude between 0 and +1. I took 3 not very good
pictures, but one of them enough to confirm that it passes through some
point (exactly at its intersection with the star Dubhe).
The other bright flare (also on -1) may correspond to one of the Cosmos-
Skymed failing to confirm (can even be another)
Pending clarify something else, I leave this.

José Luis Ruiz Gómez
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