Classified Milstar 3 (25724) flare +0

From: José Luis Ruiz via Seesat-l <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 12:19:12 +0100
Milstar flare impressive considering that in March was more than 2500 km.
That flare had lasted at least about 30 seconds. In the image shown 16 of
those seconds.
The sky was full of more or less thick cirrus and occasional low cloud to
the southeast so my estimate of the brightness is not as precise as they
wish, yet I doubt if it could be even brighter. I made an estimate of
magnitude +0.2 (+/- 0.5) because I think at least be within that range.
The azimuth varies approximately between 16.2º and 15.6º, which indicates
that there was rising on the horizon too.
Photographed in the portion, the mirrors are between (37.2º 53.4º) and (
37.3º 54.3º)
The focal distance was 100 mm (35 mm)
I leave the cutout photograph that you can see the flare.

José Luis Ruiz Gómez
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