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Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2016 20:43:36 +0000
I'm not sure this needs another email but I did want to add one more viewpoint. Some consider me to be aggressively visual. Before CCD's, I would make extreme observations visually and was routinely dismissed as a fake. The argument always was "get a picture of it" because as we all know, images are true and prove what was seen. Later, when I made the point that competition and lack of basic astronomical education was leading imagers to over process, that was considered the viewpoint of a dinosaur. Obviously, competition and mischief occurs in visual observing also. But technology will only facilitate human behavior, not fix it.

For those of you who receive "Reflector" magazine from the Astronomical League, I have submitted an article discussing some of the salient points. In light of recent events, I'm going to ask the editor if I can add a few lines discussing this particular APOD.
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