RE: 20180126 Break-Break-Break IMAGE Status

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Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2018 12:43:34 -0800
This is AWESOME!

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I just received official confirmation from NASA that IMAGE is indeed alive!  See Below!

Scott Tilley

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> Date: January 26, 2018 at 08:55:54 PST
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> Subject: FW: 20180126 Break-Break-Break IMAGE Status
> Engineers at GSFC have acquired the suspect S-band source using the 4m CTA (Compatibility Test Antenna) here at GSFC (.jpg
attached and no I'm not in the picture).  They acquired the signal while the target was on ascent at about 2RE.  Center frequency
(CF) was between 2272.478 and 2273.418.  The difference between IMAGE documented CF of 2272.5Mhz can be attributed to expected
Doppler.  Subcarriers are visible as well 1.7Mhz from CF as expected.  The signal strength was oscillating.  Plots will be
forthcoming.  The oscillation is not unexpected given IMAGE's loss of spin balance.
> All indications so far suggest that this is, in fact, IMAGE.
> Richard J. Burley
> JPSS SNPP Mission Manager NASA/GSFC/474
> work:(240) 684 0763
> cell:(240) 429-4667
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