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Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2020 10:03:37 -0700
Thanks for adding the elset.

I ran Skymap for several places in the south central USA
(7 January 2020).  Run your own predictions to verify local
viewing opportunities.  Allow several minutes time tolerance.


1 72001C 20001B 20007.13926618 .00967871 00000-0 22177-2 0 00000
2 72001 053.0046 037.8712 0009525 327.1024 294.0471 15.96209869000011

1) For Colorado Springs, CO, there is a poor pass at 451 AM MST on 7
January. Given that, I checked Little Rock, AR and there is an adequate
pass at 5:51:30 (Hour:Minute:Second) AM CST. Azimuth 193 degrees,
elevation 24 degrees. They are coming out of shadow and moving eastward
(left as you face south as they drop towards the horizon). If they are
bright, it may be an awesome sight having 60 bright objects showing up
coming out of Earth's shadow.

2) For Houston TX it is much better. The satellites exit shadow around
5:51:30 AM CST to the left of the bright star Arcturus as you face east.
Around azimuth 83 degrees and elevation 63 degrees. They drop towards the
horizon (right as you face east) and pass by Mars around 5:52:55 AM.
Azimuth around 129 degrees, elevation 20 degrees.

3) Dallas TX area. Exits shadow around 5:51:30 AM CST at azimuth 138
degrees, elevation 30 degrees and moves almost straight down.

4) New Orleans. Looking nice here. Exits Earth's shadow around 5:51:40 CST
at an azimuth of 261 degrees (almost west) and elevation of 40 degrees.
That is about ten degrees to the lower right of the bright star Regulus in
the constellation Leo. Look due south at about 31 degrees elevation around
5:52:45 AM.

5) Birmingham, AL. Too low.

6) Oklahoma City. Shadow exit 5:51:40 CST. Azimuth 148 degrees, elevation
17 degrees. Moving down and slightly left (north). I would get up for it.

7) San Antonio TX. Look at azimuth 88 degrees (~due east) at 5:51:40 AM
CST, elevation 28 degrees as it exits the shadow. It moves down and to the
right towards the southeastern horizon.

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