Titan IV launch information

Allen Thomson (thomsona@netcom.com)
Sun, 30 Jun 1996 12:51:23 -0700

   This just floated in from the HearSat mailing list.  Go to it,

   Are there any NOTAMs out indicating launch azimuth? 

   Also, has anyone (other than folks on GRU SIGINT trawlers, of course) tried 
to measure the doppler shifts of the S-band telemetry carriers to help with 
trajectory analysis ?

   Also also, would an up-the-coast trajectory, as John Pike says has been
rumored, allow resolved photography as and after the payload shroud


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Subject: [HearSat] Titan IV Launch Information
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Mission..............Titan IV
Date of launch.......Monday, July 1, 1996
Time of Launch.......8:00 p.m. eastern time (0000Z/July 2)
Launch Vehicle.......Titan IV
Launch Site..........Cape Canaveral Air Station, FL

Titan IV Downlink Frequencies
S-band    2217.5 MHz (IUS Stage)
S-band    2255.5 MHz (Wideband Instrumentation System)
S-band    2272.5 MHz (Centaur Stage)
S-band    2287.5 MHz (Titan IV Stage)

Tracking Stations
Merritt Island, FL (MIL)
Bermuda, UK (BDA)
Wallops Flight Facility, VA (WFF)

Launch Count
T-0:20    Final Range Status Poll
T-0:15    Start 10 min built-in-hold.
T-0:05    Resume count. T-5 and counting
T-0:00    Liftoff
T+0:01:56 Stage 1 ignition
T+0:08:53 Stage 2 shutdown
T+0:09:12 Payload separation
T+0:50:00 Release Bermuda & Wallops from support.

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