DRA video obsv's

R.B. Minton (rbminton@sembilan.UCHSC.edu)
Mon, 1 Jul 1996 13:22:38 -0600


I have a few more DRA video observations to submit, but quickly realized that
I need to convert my absolute (MDT) times to relative times (since most people
who use stop watches get relative time, and video records actual times).  I
will write a program to do this so it may be a few more days before the stuff
is posted to seesat.

I measured the video's using method #3 (eye & watch); and I'd appreciate feed
back as to whether these results are ballpark for these objects.  If not, we
can continue to brainstorm for a better way to do DRA video observations.

I measured 2 passes of 94-74B and got 12.8 and 13.3 seconds as the means.  I
also measured 1 pass of 89-17B and got 16.1 sec.

Is anyone else submitting video DRA observations, or just interesting video
imagery?  Can you tell me who is using video and the setup they use?  I posted
my setup last week so it should be common knowledge.  If some tubes seem to 
exhibit video compression we should probably alert each other before others join

As I recall, there were few if any responses concerning the pro's & con's of
video observing; so you & I may end up writing the book on this subject.  Have
you heard anything lately from Ron Dantowitz on his high-res video observing?
He has not responded to my last 3 e-mail messages.  Is he going to attend the
Eurosom 2 convention, or submit observations to seesat?

On Eurosom 2, how can I get a copy of the proceedings?  Did you get my e-mail
about S&T having all my AMOS materials?  They are now siting on 4 papers that
have been submitted for publication - but it's their magazine!

Have you finished your PhD (congratulations!), and are you in a position to 
become a non-would-be observer?

R. B. Minton