Re: Posting guidelines for SeeSat-L

John Pike (
Tue, 02 Jul 1996 16:33:18 -0400

>'unofficial' posting guidelines, which is that technical or background
>information about payloads, rockets, etc... is only welcome on SeeSat-L
>in as far as it is tied in with the broad theme 'visual observations'
>I'm not pointing the finger at any one in particular, but the past few
>weeks have seen many only semi-related posts by various authors.

Yeah, I will plead guilty to that, since I probably have gone overboard a
bit in terms of trying to provide some background on the significance of
this upcoming launch. Part of the problem is that this may be one of the
more important launches to date in terms of understanding what is currently
the most puzzling classified program we have seen, and I have beent trying
to provide some background to explain why it is important, and to try to
prepare in advance to figure out what sorta things we might be looking for
in order to figure out just which bird it is.

The problem is that many of the visual objects are extremely well understood
[eg, Mir], some are well identified even if they exhibit curious behavior
[flashers], while some of these things [eg. AFP-731] are just downright
puzzling and very poorly understood as to make and model, and particularly
for some of these payload classes, it is very important to have early obs
before the pesky things vanish.

Part of the problem is that we have had two NRO launches more or less back
to back here, which has gotten me going a bit too much. I promise that once
K-2 is taken care of, I will pipe down for the rest of the year.


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