TiPS Vs. Quicksat and Skymap: something's WRONG! HELP!!!

Joe Eiers (
Tue, 02 Jul 1996 22:13:28 GMT

 I don't get it.  I am using an element set I've gotten from a number
of folks here in this group, but Quicksat and Skymap are giving me
DIFFERENT results for TiPS.
  From my lattitude (38.3, 121.3 in USA) Skymap 5.10 says that I get a
pass of 60 degrees at 1:25 am (July 3rd, local time).  But when I go
to plot it no pass is shown.  Just stars.  I have the lighting
constraints set to night only, sunlit satellite, 10th magnitude limit.
If there were NO VISIBLE passes the autolocate shouldn't find them.
The autolocate is supposed to use the lighting constraints to screen
out NON-VISIBLE passes.  Yet, it finds lots of passes and yet EACH ONE
has NO satellite plotted against the stars.  What is this not plotted
thing?  If it isn't visible, it shoudn't find it in the autolocate,
right? If it's too dim or can't be seen the pass should be red or
blue... I'd check out and see if it is there in the sky, but it isn't
being plotted.
  If I run Quicksat, it finds the SAME passes and claims that they are
visible.  I have had VERY good results with Quicksat in the past, so I
am suprised that it would plot it if it wern't visible.  Yet, if I
believe Skymap, it isn't worth looking for.
   What am I doing wrong??

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