Re: Stealth Satellites -- More on AFP-731 & K-2

Jay Respler (
Thu, 4 Jul 1996 02:07:53 -0400 (EDT)

>>> John Pike <> wrote
>>> whether there exists a debris population in the
>>>1000x5000x63* neighborhood in which one could hide such an object
>>Take the Sat Sit Rept, sort on perigee, apogee, eccentricity or period...
>>If you really want me to, I guess I could do that for you.
>Well, like I said, this exercise is currently beyond the scope of my present
>resources, and I have no idea how much effort would be involved, but I am
>increasingly convinced that this is more or less where ole AFP-731 has
>gotten off to.

OK John.  I did this for you.  I took the Satellite Situation Report of all
7854 sats in orbit in 1995.
Deleting circular orbits, I found 185 sats within:
Inc 50-74.3 deg
perigee 161-2381 km
apogee  1851-9481 km

Much of that is debris from just a few launches.

If I narrow inc to 59-65.9 deg
and perigee to 643-1172 km
there are only 12 sats in that range.

If anyone wants the list of 185 sats sorted in any manner, I can email it to

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