Interesting Unkn Flasher

R.B. Minton (
Fri, 5 Jul 1996 07:44:51 -0600

Last night around 05:05 7-5-96 (UT) I was observing 95-58B visually and saw 
another satellite about 5 deg. south of 58B brighten up from invisible to 
about magnitude 0 for about 10 seconds and then fade back to invisibility.
It was moving north at about 1/3 the speed of 58B and both were near the handle
of Ursa Major.  I'd also estimate the sun was directly below it, so it probably
caught a specular reflection from the sun - coord = 40.0876 -104.7932 5025 ft.).
If someone can ID it, I'll keep an eye & video camera open to that location the
next few nights.  Thanks.

R. B. Minton