Updated Titan 4 payload elset, new observation

Ted Molczan (molczan@fox.nstn.ca)
Sat, 6 Jul 1996 10:18:08 -0400

I have received a second observation report from Igor Lissov.
This one was one rev later than the previous one, and
confirmed that the payload had made a small manoeuvre earlier 
in the day. I have modified Rainer Kracht's latest payload elset 
to fit Igor's two observations.

I set the epoch at the time of the first obs, for the point that
0.5 N of Vega, and rotated the RAAN accordingly. I adjusted the
mean anomaly and mean motion to fit the times of both obs. Finally,
I adjusted the eccentricity to maintain the original apogee, and
raise the perigee, because that is the most obvious (though not
necessarily the fact) type of manoeuvre to me.

I was hazed/clouded out last night. I will have at least one poor,
but doable, pass each night for the next several nights, after which
the south-bound portion of the visibility window will be better
placed for observation. I believe that more northerly observers will
have better circumstances. I have not checked the southern hemisphere
situation, but I trust that observer's down-under will keep an eye
on things.

Also, my doubts about the NORAD numbers have been confirmed - 
I have learned that 23942 and 23943 belong to other objects, so I
have changed them to 96038 and 96039. I apologize for the confusion.
I should have known better. 

96038A          10.0  3.0  0.0  5.0
1 96038U 96038  A 96187.86234954  .00229888  00000-0  73137-3 0    08
2 96038  55.0040 173.7200 0003500 323.2701 131.7300 15.88500000    00
96038A r         9.8  3.0  0.0  5.0
1 96039U 96038  B 96187.00000000  .00366614  00000-0  10362-2 0    07
2 96039  54.9884 177.9302 0011116 300.2390 268.8210 15.92650952    04

Finally, here is the text of Igor's second observation report for
5 July (3rd obs of these objects):

And now, OBS #3.

First of all, B and A were separated by 5 min 45 sec now. So, my previous
OBS #2 is correct.

Times of pass S of 68 Oph (18 h 01.8 min, +1 deg 18 min, 2000.0) were
as follows:
96 038B  1.5 deg S of 68 Oph  22:09:43 UTC
96 038A  2 deg S    of 68 Oph  22:15:28 UTC

bye for now