Unknown object

Luc Fontaine (lfontain@quebectel.com)
Sat, 06 Jul 1996 17:07:00 -0400

Last night (July 5 22:30:00 EDT, July 6 02:30:00 UTC: 46.4078N,
70.8639W, elev:381 meters), I was searching for DMSP B5D2-5 (90105A) in
a 84deg approx. elev. in a SSE-NNW pass when I saw near the same place
just more south, elev in 75-85, another object on a pass near
north-south. I don't have its elset. So if you know what sat it is,
could you send me its elset please and its name.

The object was white-yellow and with a low magnitude approx +4 +5 and
with a steady brightness. Just after, I continue to search for 90105A
and I finally saw it only with my binocular 7x-21x-50 3-5 degrees higher
than the middle of the handle of the Ursa Major (02:30:45 UTC): as
predicted by SatSpy. It was too faint for the naked eye. It had a
tumbling period of 2 sec/rev or 0.5 rev/s. The sat was also viewable in
darker period.

73's, good viewing and see u!

Luc Fontaine
A new visible satellites observer, ham (VE2FXL) and 24/24h weather
satellites receiver (NOAA 12/14 and GOES-8).
Sts-Anges de Beauce
Province of Quebec