SeeSat-L functional again in Garching

Bart De Pontieu (BDP@MPEPL)
Mon, 08 Jul 1996 22:47:14 +0100 (CET)

Hi everyone,

Good news. SeeSat-L, SeeSat-D and UseSat-L should all be functional again
as of now in GARCHING. Please stop using the addresses
now. Those addresses will become invalid soon.

Please send stuff to the old addresses again: for SeeSat-L contributions for administrative requests

I have restored the distribution files of all lists as much as possible,
it's not inconceivable that something got mixed up, making you subscribed
again, though you unsubbed at one of the two sites. Contact me if that's
the case.

The problems were caused by the bounces of Thursday morning, which completely
congested the mail forwarder of MPE. Needless to say the postmaster here was
less than happy about it, since it significantly delayed many other mail
messages. To avoid problems in the future, I will have to employ a strict
bouncing policy. If your address bounces on 5 successive occasions, you
will be automatically unsubscribed. If you've stopped receiving SeeSat-L
mail for some time, contact me to check whether you've been unsubbed or not.

The digest-version of SeeSat-L did not function through all of this. I
suggest those people check out the WWW-archives for what they've missed.
We expect to have some kind of replacement archive for the Oxford-period
up and running tomorrow. We'll let the list know at that point.

Here's hoping this was the last of the problems for this month (since I
won't be around for much of the rest of the month - contact Neil in case
of problems between July 11 and July 26).

    Bart and Neil
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