SeeSat-L FAQ

Sue J. Worden (
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 12:49:36 -0500 (CDT)


Your help is needed.

As you probably know, those of us on the UseSat-L list have started
writing a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document for SeeSat-L.
The purpose is to generate a plain-text introduction to satellites
and satellite observing, which can be sent by email to new SeeSat-L
subscribers, posted to newsgroups, and so on.

The FAQ is based on VSOHP web site material, but extends to include
topics not currently covered on VSOHP.  When the FAQ is completed,
the sections of new material will be HTML-ized and made part of the
VSOHP web site.  The FAQ also will be made available as a plain-text
file on the VSOHP site.

In the outline developed by UseSat-L subscribers, the FAQ consists
of about 80 sections in 12 chapters.  Various UseSat-L subscribers
have volunteered to write about 60 sections so far.  That leaves
about 20 FAQ sections, which do not yet have "owners".

Please take a look at the list (below) of unclaimed sections.  If
you can write one (or more!) of these sections, please let me know.

--Sue Worden (


3.0  What are the different types of satellites?
3.1  Remote-sensing satellites
3.2  Communications satellites
3.4  Research satellites
3.5  Military satellites
3.6  Manned Spacecraft
3.7  Inert Rocket Bodies and Boosters
3.8  Space Debris
3.9  Space Probes

5.5  Tracking Facilities and Methods

8.0  What are some of the rockets used to place satellites in orbit?
8.1  Russian Rockets
8.4  European Space Agency
8.5  Rockets of Other Nations

9.0  What are the ground facilities in use today?
9.1  Russian and Former Soviet Facilities
9.3  ESA: Kourou, French Guyana
9.4  Other Nations

10.0  What are some of the satellites that can be seen?
10.2  Weatherbirds: NOAA, DMSP, Midas, Meteor
10.3  Spysats: Lacrosse, NOSS and other "USA" birds
10.4  Research Sats: UARS, HST, SeaSat, OAO
10.5  Orbiting Space Museum: Vanguard and Explorer


Additional information about the FAQ is available by anonymous FTP,
in the directory:

In that directory are the following files:


   Summary      listing by-section of relevant/included VSOHP materials
   Status       listing by-section of owners and completion status
   Guidelines   writing guidelines (format, style, audience, etc.)

   Chapter-00   COMPLETE OUTLINE OF FAQ (detail to subsubsection level)
   Chapter-01   current version of chapter 1
   Chapter-02   current version of chapter 2
   Chapter-04   .
   Chapter-06   .
   Chapter-08   .
   Chapter-10   .
   Chapter-12   current version of chapter 12

If you do not have FTP access, I would be happy to send any of these
files to you by email.