Tether orientation diagram

Robert H. McNaught, Anglo-Australian Observatory (RMN@aaocbn2.aao.gov.au)
Sun, 14 Jul 1996 15:33:28 +1000 (EST)

The simplest way to show that the tether is always vertically orientated
(IF it is vertical in 3-D) is with a diagram.  No matter where the tether
is in its orbit, it points to the center of the Earth.  Norton, Ralph,
the center of the Earth and the observer are always co-planar.  It is this
plane that pivots during a pass.  Thus Norton will always be vertically above
Ralph to any observer.

                 \ up
           Norton *        ^ up
                   \       |
              Ralph *      o Observer
                     \     |
                      \    |
                       \   |
                        \  |
                         \ |
                          \| Center of Earth

Cheers, Rob (rmn@aaocbn2.aao.gov.au)