Alphonse Pouplier (
Tue, 16 Jul 1996 01:59:10 +0200 (MET DST)

Hello everybody !

This july 15 I tracked Norad 96290 by means of
my automatic telescope (D=130mm F=720mm eyepiece 26mm).
It was 21:19:00 UT when I got it in the eyepiece and I
could track it till 21:24:40 (its "extinction").
I called my wife and my son and they came and saw.
The very bright line I observed was 2 arc-minute long.
I estimate it with comparison of the angular separation
between alpha2 and alpha1 of the Capricorn.
According to my calculations, at 21:19:00 it was 1237 Km far
and at 21:24:40 it was 2530 Km far.
What a pity I did not record it with my CCD-video!
It was a fantastic observation for me.
There is another nice passage for my location (50d23m N 4d52m E)
on the 17th. I'll try to record it on tape like I did
for several flashing satellites.

My pleasure,    Alphonse