Just seen 96038B

Jacob Nevins (jacob@spuddy.mew.co.uk)
Tue, 16 Jul 96 19:33:50 BST

Observed the rocket thingy 96038B at 21:34(ish) UT 1996-07-15 
using the following elements: (forget who posted them)

1 96033U 96 38  B 96162.00000000  .00050766  00000-0  13871-3 0    00
2 96039  54.9975 153.4960 0012449 325.8846 131.0116 15.93264438    00

Timed 12 flashes (well, 13 flashes, 12 periods) at 15.89 sec; 
just one timing since I don't have a fancy stopwatch. This gives 
a period of appx. 1.32 sec. I may have inadvertently timed two 
sets of flashes, though; to me every other flash seemed to have 
a faster 'attack', but that may have been just imagination. From 
when I acquired it to culmination flashes were from invisible to 
a brightness comparable with Arcturus, which makes it about 0 
(not based on any meaningful comparison so just a ballpark 
figure). After culmination maxima became dimmer and the object 
was visible (and quite bright) all of the time. Didn't see it 
into eclipse due to obstructions. The flashes weren't 'glints', 
but steadily built up and decayed.

These observations probably aren't very accurate/useful, but I'm 
quite pleased with this sighting since I'm a rank beginner at 
this and the only other sat I've ever seen is Mir. This one was 
very impressive.

Regards - Jacob Nevins
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