RE: Pinpoint flashes

Ted Molczan (
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 08:56:11 -0400

Jim  Varney wrote:

>Like I said earlier, I also saw Cosmos 1900 glint in the west and northwest.
>A few days ago I watched USA 81 show what must have been 10 small glints in
>a half-second (it looked like an arcing electrical connection), also in the
>west.  Notice that all three of these objects are payloads.

The two kh-11s I have observed in the early
(western) orbital plane (84122A and 88099A), both 
exhibited bright glints and flare-ups for a few seconds 
at about azimuth 300 deg, and elevation 50 deg, so they 
fit this pattern too. Too bad they are no longer in
orbit. A successor has yet to be launched, but is