TiPS, Wow!

Dave Cappellucci (
Wed, 17 Jul 96 07:19 MDT

I saw TiPS last night, for the first time, from my home in Colorado Springs. 
 What a cool satellite!  It has replaced EGP as my favorite sat to watch.  I 
actually saw it on two separate passes, one to the east at 21:15 MDT and 
again at 23:03 MDT to the west.  On the first pass, the tether was clearly 
visible as a fine filament.  Rather spooky looking.  On the second pass, the 
tether was barely visible, but I was able to see transient 'glints' off both 
bodies (Ralph and Norton???).

I don't know who posted the elsets, but to whoever did, let me say thanks.  
It made my evening.

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