Re: video

R.B. Minton (
Wed, 17 Jul 1996 12:25:16 -0600

In message <> Alphonse Pouplier writes:
> > Is anyone else submitting video DRA observations, or just interesting video
> > imagery?
> I often make video recordings with my telescope (D=130mm F=720mm) ........
> My pleasure,    Alphonse
Dear Mr. Alphonse:  I visited your web site and was very pleased at the volume
and quality of material.  Thank you for making these data & information avail-
able to us users.  I downloaded your program MIRSKY.ZIP and ran it, but the
screen goes blank after briefly displaying the stars.  Am I omitting some step -
such as computing an orbit?

I believe DRA means determination of rotation axis.  To move your telescope, do
you compute the angular rate of the satellite and then convert it to pulses?
Do you also have to align the pole of your mount to the "pole" of the satellite?
Do you also have a joy-stick override to center the satellite?
Can you tell me (& seesat-l) what the orientation of TiPS was?  Thank you.

R. B. Minton