CD-rom with orbital elements, who can help ??

Kurt Jonckheere (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 16:53:19 +0200


as most of you know I've been busy with orbital elements and 
accelerations for quite some time.

Some further explanation for the newbies :

The flashing period of a rotating rocket normally increases exponentially,
meaning that the rotation is slowing down in the time.
In our PPAS-database we have a lot of examples of flashing periods that
are going down suddenly, thus meaning that the rocket is accelerating.
This is very probably caused by a leak of residual fuel that is venting
out and creating a force on the rocket.

When taking a look at the orbital elements during such an acceleration
one can deduce that the acceleration is very often accompagnied by a
change in some of the orbital parameters.  In most of the cases there is 
a sudden change in the semi-major axis (or the Mean Motion = the
number of revolution per day).

By checking orbital elements since May 92, I've found more than thirty
such sudden elementchanges correlated with an acceleration of the rocket.

In our PPAS-archive we have a lot of old observations, also with 
a lot of flash curves that show sudden decreases of the flash period.

I have the intention to check all these flash period changes with the
orbital elements.

But... therefor I need a lot of old orbital elements.