TiPS observation

Mike McCants (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 09:58:09 -0500

I observed TiPS for the first time last night (July 18 UT) between
03:54:30 and shadow entry about 03:59.

I estimated an apparent deviation from vertical of about 45 degrees
at culmination.  My latitude is 30.32 and longitude is 97.87.
The culmination point was altitude 74, azimuth 57.  Range was 662 miles.

The lower mass was leading, the higher mass was trailing.

The cosine of 74 degrees is about 0.28.  1/cosine = 3.6
The actual deviation from vertical would then be 45/3.6 = 12 degrees.

At one point in the northeast, the tether appeared to be horizontal.

I am using a Dobsonian with a 12x80 finder, so I should be able to judge
which way is "up".

Mike McCants