RE: Has anyone seen 96029A lately?

Ted Molczan (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 13:19:00 -0400

Gunter Monz wrote:

>I, a newby, saw 96029 A on July 15 at 22.34 UT with high elevation. I
>a 70mm Photo in Bootes/Corona Borealis (I guess) but it is not
>yet developed. Perhaps Cosmos 2278 Rk (2 min later) is on the photo too.

I can recreate your Cosmos 2278 r observation at
about 22:36, but only if I use 14 July UTC. Are you
certain of the date?

Also, if you can, please describe the path of 96029A 
more precisely relative to the stars or to the path 
of Cosmos 2278 r. For example, was it higher or lower. 
Did it pass through Corona Borealis like Cosmos 2278 r?

Also, can you estimate 96029A's magnitude and flash
period, if any? 

What optics did you use, and how clear was the sky?

Thank you,
Ted Molczan