Catching up....

Geoff Chester (
Thu, 18 Jul 96 16:17:28 EDT

Hi, all...

For some reason (undoubtedly "pilot error" on my part) I seem to have been
missing mail from the list for the last several weeks.

A few recent clear nights in West (by God!) Virginia has finally netted
a NOSS cluster for me...NOSS 2-2 was right where it was supposed to be on
July 6 at around 0310 UTC.  The following night I was out showing folks
goodies in the 14-inch telescope, and we finally got so distracted by all the
satellites going overhead (at one point there were at least 5 visible simul-
taneaously!) that for about 10 minutes the telescope sat idle despite being
pointed at Comet Hale-Bopp....Need a few more nights like that one!!

I have a question for anyone out there...Is KH 11-8 still up? I had seen
it several months ago from my home in Alexandria, VA, but the most recent
set of Keps I have for it don't seem too "fresh", and I haven't seen it
for some time...pity, since I've had some good specular flashes from it
and I delight in pointing it out to my neighbor (a colonel in USAF satel-
lite recon office...)

Thanks for any info....

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