RE: MOS id?

Ted Molczan (
Fri, 19 Jul 1996 23:47:07 -0400

Jim Cook responded to this comment by, Jay Respler:

>>There has been recent discussion about MOS 1.
>>Since there is MOS 1A and MOS 1B, it would be helpful to add some other
>>designation so we know which one we're talking about.
>I've been using Ted Molczan's elements for MOS 1 and have not seen a listing
>for MOS 1A or MOS 1B (unless he has changed that in a recent edition),
>although he does provide elements for MOS 1 r.  Perhaps MOS 1 and MOS 1 r are
>MOS 1A and MOS 1B, respectively?

In the n2l file, there are MOS 1 (87018A) and MOS 1-B
(90013A) and their rockets. The 1989 RAE (Royal 
Aerospace Establishment) Table of Satellites called 87018A 
MOS 1, but recent NASA Satellite Situation Reports call 
it MOS 1A.

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