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At 13:03 19/07/96 -0400, Walter Nissen wrote:
>I note that Chris v.d. Berg's Mir News, 
>, has not been updated of 
>late (summer holiday?).  Does anyone know why Mir has been DEboosted into 
>a more eccentric orbit?  Anything to do with the many debris objects?

and Tristan Cools answered:

>As I understand it, Mir has been DEboosted because it cannot be reached by
>the next Progress launch. The next Progress will use the the less powerful
>Soyuz U.  On other Progress missions this was no problem because they were
>launched with the Soyuz U2 which is more powerful.

The lower orbit wasn't connected with Progress M-32 launch because these
spacecraft are often launched by Soyuz U. The real reason is that Soyuz TM-24
manned spacecraft is to be launched Aug.14 at Soyuz U also, instead of
usual Soyuz U2. They have mass deficite of approx. 275 kg. It was found that
one way to solve the problem is to rendezvous with Mir at lower orbit.
The orbit was lowered July 2 and July 4 (maybe more).

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