Re: Earth Satellite Ephemeris Service

Lew Gramer (
Mon, 22 Jul 96 13:29:45 -0400

JAY RESPLER <> writes:
>It may be easier, if you find mysteries in [quicksat], to just ask...

Thanks, Jay, good idea: I've already started getting help from the source! :)

BTW, I still think that finding (or creating?) a *Web* site for allowing easy 
access to sat ephems would be a real bonus. For those of us blessed with Macs or 
UNIX boxes instead of PCs (I have access to all three, but HATE that PC!), a Web 
page like the one at GSU, but which was "blessed" as being accurate and reliable 
by the folks in this observing group, would really even out the field! Just a 
thought from a harried, but much-interested newbie...

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer