Re: Satellites near stars

Lew Gramer (
Mon, 22 Jul 96 13:54:31 -0400

"Robert H. McNaught" <> wrote:
>the possibility of a non-solar specular reflection ... is fascinating.
>...a satellite occultation seems pretty extreme odds.

Both of these observations really piqued my interest, Rob! There must be 
satellites whose predicted orbits are accurate enough (and variations small 
enough) to allow at least dim-star-occultation predictions for them? Also, if a 
satellite's rotation and geometry were well-known enough, would it in fact be 
possible to predict lunar or even stellar flashes from it while in geoeclipse?

Seems like observing for BOTH sorts of predictions would be a highly accurate 
check on existing sat orbit predictions, which no other sort of amateur work 
could easily provide. I'm still enough of a new observer not to know whether 
these are stupid questions! :) Thoughts from all appreciated,

Lew Gramer