MOS 1A, EGP, names, TiPS

Walter Nissen (dk058@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 09:21:32 -0400

> MOS 1A and MOS 1B have been renamed into Momo 1A and Momo 1B once they were 
> in orbit.  Maybe we should use those names because they are the 'official' 
> ones.  MOS means Marine Observation Satellite and Momo is Japanese for 
> 'peach blossom'. 
Well, then EGP would be either EGS, its new name, or Ajisai (hydrangea 
Speaking of EGP, I asked Ron Coursen in conversation (out of the blue, no 
preface, no twisting, no suggestion of what answer I wanted):  "How bright 
would you estimate the brightest flashes you are seeing from EGP are?"; 
his immediate, unqualified answer:  "Maybe about 1st magnitude". 
1 and A are often dropped from vulgar names.  Lacrosse 1 may be seen as 
Lacrosse.  SeaSat 1 as SeaSat, etc.  I still like to see the COSPAR ID 
and, especially, the catalog number, also.  Especially if I am actually 
supposed to be able to identify the specific satellite.  Especially in 
requests for OBS, or reports of OBS.  Despite the fact that I can hide in 
the refuge of having already provided all 3 names for a large number of 
objects in my bright sat list, I still make a strong effort to repeat all 
3 in such contexts.  An easy way to do this is to provide a current elset. 
TiPS was lost in twilight (except one likely sparkle) until about 960723 
015130, when it was seen UML, leaning left about 10 degrees from vertical 
"\".  This lean decreased to about 5 degrees when lost about 015330.  This 
is the latest I've seen: 
TiPS             3.5  0.0  0.0  5.7 
1 96290U 96029  ? 96191.00000000  .00000213  00000-0  26803-3 0    09 
2 96290  63.4290 122.1534 0003001 264.4868 242.7051 13.63756428    08 

Walter Nissen         


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