Milstar DFS 1 search elset

Ted Molczan (
Tue, 23 Jul 1996 19:26:59 -0400

Here is a search elset for Milstar DFS 1, based on 120 deg W, zero
deg inclination and near-circular orbit.

The object is well above the horizon for a large part of North 
America. I have noted that the observations of DFS 2 were made when 
the object was nearly fully illuminated, so that might be a good 
strategy for DFS 1.

Searchers should allow several degrees uncertainty in azimuth and 
elevation, in case the orbit is inclined, as DFS 2 appears to be.

The size and derived standard magnitude were arrived at by trial 
and error, to roughly fit the DFS 2 observations. The object
has been reported as bright as mag 6.5 and as faint as mag 9.
So if you don't see at first, try again at, say, 30 min intervals.

A brief photographic exposure of the area may reveal the object as
a point of light, among star trails. Perhaps someone can provide 
technical advice on how best to do such photography.

Milstar DFS 1   50.0  0.0  0.0 -0.0
1 22988U 94009  A 96206.00000000  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    07
2 22988   0.0000 182.0000 0000001   0.0000   0.0000  1.00270100    04

Happy hunting!