Re: MOS 1A, EGP, names, TiPS

Tue, 23 Jul 1996 23:33:16 -0400 (EDT)

> Well, then EGP would be either EGS, its new name, or Ajisai (hydrangea 
> flower). 

to avoid confusion, I guess we should use whatever name is in the 
catalogs, like EGP, even if there may be some other name, EGS.

> 1 and A are often dropped from vulgar names.  Lacrosse 1 may be seen as 
> Lacrosse.  SeaSat 1 as SeaSat, etc. 

I agree with dropping 1 when there is only 1 sat, such as SeaSat.
When there are more than 1, such as Lacrosse 1 & 2, then the # should be 
used unless we are talking about the whole series in general.

Jay Respler
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